Welcome! Fishing With Phonics is a multi-level, multi-skill, multi-sensory reading program designed to accelerate the instruction of phonetic decoding, sight word recognition, vocabulary comprehension and reading fluency skills. Fishing With Phonics is a teacher made, teacher tested, and teacher marketed reading program. It has been custom designed over a period of seven years by Donald Clark, an award winning educator, who has been teaching dyslexic and special needs students to read for 30 years. This sixty lesson program can be used successfully by kindergarten teachers (with above level students), first through third grade regular education teachers, reading and dyslexia specialists, special education instructors, ESL/ELL teachers, reading tutors and homeschool teachers. 

My name is Donald Clark and I am  the author of Fishing with Phonics. I am a full time elementary school reading teacher who has been teaching young people to fish (read) for almost 30 years. For three decades I have seen my camp (classroom)  filled with rising water caused by the tides of different fishing fads (reading methods) that have come and gone: language experience, sight word approach, whole group direct phonic  instruction, whole language, multi-sensory, and more.  Now the tide of “small group guided reading and running records” is rising.  All these programs have strengths and weaknesses but, if used alone and in isolation, they are incomplete. Fishing With Phonics is a fun and creative synthesis, a net, made from the strongest strands of different methods combined into one easy to implement program. studying.gif